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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sigmar Crypts (Second Time)

This evening a hotch potch of guildies (that's my guild leader in the foreground) and Master Caledorian Army ran the Sigmar Crypts (located beneath the Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf). This was my second trip and the first for the off tank, and went pretty smoothly. As a WoW veteran, I do wonder if it's hard to fail at Crypts - it's ease of play is way beyond anything Blizzard ever put forth. But as a WoW veteran, maybe I'm just an old hand at instances now and should shut the hell up because at least it's quick and accessible to all.

For the record: the group balance was two healers (Archmage and Warrior Priest), two tanks (Ironbreaker and Swordmaster) and two DPS (Archmage and Shadow Warrior).

We managed to get to the Twins before we wiped, but the wipe was pretty amusing anyway. The Swordmaster tripped over her own ankles and went down in the corner (not her fault, we weren't managing the dps properly), then a healer died, and then the Archmage DPS. Which left Kipling, the WP and the IB valiantly fighting on to our deaths. We knew we'd die, we just didn't expect to last until the Twins were down to 30% health (down from about 60%? I could be wrong here). Which apparently made for an entertaining/impressive spectacle for our dead comrades? I was too busy pewpewing! A much preferable wipe than aggro fail anyway.

We got through to the end in about an hour and a half, and a good time was had by all. Gear-wise, I picked up my first piece of Sentinel gear last time (chest piece) so I was lucky to get the wrists tonight. As a whole, Sigmar Crypts drops the belt, chest, arms and shoulders. So hopefully this run of luck will continue the next time I visit.

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  1. I had a good time doing crypts with my SW. The twins were usually close enough together that SFA with Split Arrows hit them both, making dps'ing the two of them down at the same pace VERY easy.