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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Beyond the Sands

As you can see from the picture above, today I got the Aviator Goggles from the current Live Event. What's made this particular event interesting is that despite it being a list of quest chains and kill/object counts, there's been a fair bit of organic RVR in the midst of it all. Destruction took to camping/swarming the event area, and Order didn't back down, resulting in pretty realistic clashes, wipes and comeback surges.

Not to mention the fact that there are epic rewards for the three quest chains. I can't link it, as it doesn't seem to be mentioned on any of the Warhammer Wiki's, but look out for the quest reward called the Bone Ward... it's fairly useful and interesting. Not to mention a Pocket item!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Serpent's Passage #4

It's that time again.

Hugely successful, mostly thanks to the help of my almighty guild leader Aedenwe, who herded and bashed healers down so that I could pick them off. Pick pick pick, I love Fell the Weak.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Grab Bag of Playing

I'm keeping my Archmage on ice until the next patch so that I can try the Tier 3 Gates of Ekrund. I'm not in the mood to play another character, and Tier 4 is a back and forth keep game, so nothing huge to report. So how about some random screenshots from the ol'screenshot folder? Yeah? Yeah!

This made me laugh entirely too much:

Ooh, pretty trees in Empire Tier 3:

Killed this guy on the way up to an Avelorn warcamp, finally got the unlock for the Moldy Coin Purse. No wonder nearly everyone has this pocket item, yet I've never seen it (it's a high traffic area):

Last but not least, the view from a Keep, as Monolith's Order pushes back Destruction:

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Oh no! They killed Karl!

But bloody hell, congratulations to Destruction on Karak Eight Peaks! They killed Karl Franz! I've not been playing much this weeks (Sims 2 has been pulling me into it's black hole) but I've been keeping an eye on Monolith's Realm War page, and we're inching closer and closer to Tchar'zanek. It's just a matter of time...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thoughts on Patch 1.2.1

  • Own a Keep? Want to keep it? Want to get more out of it? Then the new Keep Upgrade system is perfect for you! This deserves a post by someone more able to waffle on about the intricacies, but let's just say this is exactly what I've been gagging for. I want to spend hours scouting the edges of keeps, pwning things with my arrows, getting fat defence ticks and littering the grounds of the keep with bodies. Tier 3 is pretty active because it's a lot smaller than Tier 4, so I've seen this to a certain degree on my Archmage, but the lasting ability of either side is limited (although the other night I finally saw the attacking people loading up weapons on the pads, not just the defenders). Giving big fat rewards to defenders is great. The upgrades? Even more awesome. What would be even better, are set rewards for attacking a keep too.
  • Guilds that successfully hold a Keep until the zone is captured will be rewarded with a free gold bag that will be mailed to the guild master, and is tradable to his or her guild members. Only one? That's pretty crap. More than that, it's not rewarding anyone for their contribution, but relies on the Guild Master being a) fair and b) actually involved in the game. What if it gets mailed to someone who's not logged on for a week? or just loads up their friends with all the fat loot? I can see a lot of people being unhappy with this. But I guess it means you have to choose your guilds carefully.
  • Each character will now have its own Interface Profile. This will allow customization of addons and UI layout on a per-character basis. Awesome. I've reached the point with my Archmage where I've realised I have many more new moves to collect, and no toolbar space. But my Shadow Warrior (thanks to the stance bars) is perfectly laid out. I know where everything is. I can't change my Archmage's toolbar without destroying my Shadow Warrior set up. So this is perfect.
  • But wait. For instance, if you want to have a different set of addons for soloing versus open RvR, just open the Profile Management window, create a new profile, and make any changes you wish. You what? How dare you make it even more intuitive! :D
  • Guilds can now set up a "profile" for their guild using the “Recruitment” tab in the Guild Window. Settings for type of guild, careers, and levels being recruited, as well as guild "recruiters" can be set in the Recruitment tab... No more chat spamming required, just let the hyper-links fly! A feature that makes me say "um, why didn't Blizzard do this?"
  • The Renown merchants that offer Tier-based Renown gear similar to the Renown merchants in the warcamps have had their titles adjusted to make it easier for players to identify each Tier of Renown gear. Ask and ye shall receive! Thank you!
  • Upon successful destruction of the door into the city, friendly guards will arrive to support the invading army's foray into the enemy capital! Hah! Fun.
  • Oh look! A single fix for Shadow Warriors! Enchanted Arrow: The damage for Flame Arrow and Festering Arrow will now be correct when this Tactic is slotted. Well that's nice, I guess.
  • Archmages get a whole bunch more damage now + Magical Infusion: This ability has been redesigned, and how has an entirely new effect. It will now place a buff on the target that will restore their health if they fall below 15% Hit Points. which doesn't really make up for the fact that it feels like Shadow Warriors are being completely left behind. Ho hum.
  • Weapons of the Fallen can now be sold to merchants. And are you giving me back the 200 I trashed because they took up too much space in my bags? :(
  • This patch also introduces a new resource material that players in RvR can gather and trade in for deadly assault upgrades! Scattered throughout the RvR lakes, and acquired from killing players, Ordinance is collected and traded in for various items and weapons to use in open RvR! FTW! I like the idea of this a lot. Part of war is the struggle for real, useable resources.
  • Characters Rank 19-24 will now be able to queue for a new 6 vs. 6 version of the Scenario 'Gates of Ekrund' from any Tier 3 zone. Well, I guess I'm camping my Archmage until the next patch. Sounds awesome. More options for play = more fun.
  • Defenders will now be able to see the health of the Keep door at all times. Useful. A lot of people are assigned to yelling out the percentage of the door, but it's better if all can see it at all times.
Overall, an interesting patch. I am hoping that we're going to get a future big patch that upgrades the city siege experience for everyone. I'm expecting the other cities to open when all the realm transfers are finished, stablised and the populations can handle it. It takes a lot of people to unlock a single city at the moment - having three on the go at once will be hectic.