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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

ORVR is your new bicycle

"Without any apparent resistance the gate broke down quickly and stunties came pouring in, rushing towards the top floor. On top of the stairs we already had a solid wall of tanks, with countless Choppas lining the side, and ranged covering from above. A few of the Order stopped when they saw us, but quite a lot rushed headlong into our ambush, only at the last moment realizing that there were a lot of defenders here (we had a full warband). Then seemingly on an unspoken command all Choppas rushed down and began chopping like madmen true Orcs. Anyone who think keeps are only a ranged fight have never witnessed a horde of angry Choppas running down into a tightly packed bunch of Order and spamming AoE."
- Wizards & Wenches

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am still playing. I'm predominantly playing Petroleum this week, and I'm doing 10x the amount of ORVR I did on Kipling (mostly because it just wasn't there in the very early days of the game). Each encounter with my fellow players and Destruction never fails to be different. When you find yourself laughing even though you're losing, you know it's a good game.


  1. God I love trying to talk my warband out of rushing a fully defended keep, but I agree with the hearty laughter. Watching them fall against a wall of Destro at the top of a keep is hilarious, and I often join them so I don't have to run back to the warcamp.

    Sounds rather tounge-in-cheek, but it's true. No reason to get mad when ya lose control of a zerg. Sometimes you have to let em fail and learn the hard way. I love having new players in the game, it makes me feel so experienced and grizzled :D

  2. Yea. Great oRvR this past week. Destro we had a few armchair generals who commanded in wb chat “don’t attack your just giving them free influence points” or something like that. Could not tell as I was in my Choppa blood rage rushing towards the order line seeking an good death. :)

  3. It is all about the fun, no matte who is at the hands of the slaughter. I've been experiencing much of the same fun in ORvR myself the past week or so, since 1.2 really. Love it.