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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

On Rally Calls

Patch 1.2 held many bountiful gifts, but the addition of the Rally Call button was a silent beast,. Like everyone else my boyfriend and I rolled a Slayer, and while we were questing, suddenly got issued a rally call. We clicked the blue button, and were transported (without a loading page, if I remember rightly) to the Tier 1 Dwarf warcamp, along with a handful of others, and ran straight into battle.

Awesome. But how it works is still confusing.

Here's what the patch notes say:
"We are introducing the new Rally Call system. At various intervals, players will be called to join the battle in the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 RvR lakes. A button will appear near the mini-map, enabling willing participants to jump right into the action.

Basically, when a Rally Call is issued, you get an on-screen notification and the blue button lights up. Push the button and you’re automatically teleported to the appropriate warcamp. The idea is that this should provide easier access to RvR for those who want it.

Everyone seems to be under the impression that this was something a warband leader could issue, so the requests for it to go off again kept flying in Warband chat. The reality SEEMS to be that when activity in the ORVR lakes hits a certain point, the game issues it independently. And it's not available in Tier 4. Why isn't there a rally call option for Tier 4, where it's just as useful? Tier 4 is huge in terms of levelling, and lower levels are still in the PvE areas.

One of the major flaws that Mythic keep repeating is that they give us great features... but we don't know how to use them! Thankfully, as soon as we tell them, they nearly always respond quickly. So I'm expecting this to be addressed on The Herald soon enough.


A quick side note: another thing I would like to see is a more efficient warning before subscriptions run out. This might be more critical of the EA-Mythic side of the game, but I don't like suddenly being informed that my subscription has ended. And even worse, getting an email a day or two after I've renewed telling me that my subscription is close to ending blah blah blah.

But I did resubscribe!

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