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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

After I wrote the last post, Codpeace reminded me that I had the recent State of the Game by Mark Jacobs in a tab on my browser. It contains a few things I'm excited about:
  • "The Ward system will be receiving an overhaul to make it more understandable and accessible.So many people have no idea how the Ward system works. Including me. Apparently you have to have a certain amount of wards to really be able to contribute to killing Kings, and complete certain instances. All this information should be in our tomes when we get set pieces of gear.
  • We are also looking at implementing a “Nemesis” system which tracks the top 20 enemy players that kill you and which will give you rewards for hunting them down. Thanks to the Dammaz Kron addon, I already have a mental list of the people I hate the most, so being rewarded outside of my own personal glee when I kill them, that's just fantastic!
  • We are looking at giving interesting and useful things to guilds who upgrade Keeps; defense improvements, guilds rewards, etc. & We have improved Rewards for Keep Defense in 1.2 and we will continue to improve Loot, XP and Renown for defending Keeps as well as giving loot rewards (gold bag) to guilds that successfully claim and defend Keeps through Zone Capture. More loot pleases this loot whore.
  • The City Raid experience that we currently have in the game will also get some additional work. Our primary goal is to add more RvR opportunities throughout the entire Raid. We are looking at a number of options and possibilities under consideration for more “RvR” and less “PQ action”. YES. Make it less boring, more organic, and I am a customer for life.
  • We will continue to experiment with, and improve, the Scenario experience. This includes adding new scenarios temporarily for events, adding new permanent scenarios, and continuing to refine the scenario play experience. w00t! The best part of the server transfers should be that scenarios pop more often. I enjoy scenarios just as much as the other parts of the game.
The thing I do not like:
  • Additionally, 1.2.1 also contains... the Combat and Careers team will give some extra loving to the Archmage, Shaman, White Lion, and Marauder Dude. When people are saying the Shadow Warrior is the least loved/buffed up character, maybe you could throw us a frickin' bone over here?
But one misery against many joys = excellent. I look forward to every patch in this game.


  1. Wards is easy for anyone who can bother to read Mythic's excellent informational postings, like grab bags and patch notes.

    This explains the current wards system.

    This has an overview of all the armor sets.

    /Anon Poster

  2. i feel your SW pain.

    on one hand, i'm still having great fun with the character. it's diverse, looks awesome and has tons of worth when played well, even in it's current condition.

    on the other, the wait for it's buff is really frustrating. give us dem ubAr!

  3. Silly Kipling, we will never get the lovin'. Be satisfied that you're learning how to play far better in PvP because we're underpowered, and if we ever do get a conciliatory buff, we'll wreck face.