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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Russenscheller Graveyard

Something I noticed today - the graves in Russenscheller Graveyard in Praag's ORVR lake have names on them. I guessed they'd be real people, perhaps the dev team, and I was right:

I can only presume that Mythic resurrected Pete Lipman to walk their halls as a zombie Deputy Art Director.

Can't make this one out, but it's a beautiful design.

Someone left flowers for terrain artist Brian Clarke.

There are plenty more. While you're waiting for a BO to tick over, why not check them out?

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

ORVR is your new bicycle

"Without any apparent resistance the gate broke down quickly and stunties came pouring in, rushing towards the top floor. On top of the stairs we already had a solid wall of tanks, with countless Choppas lining the side, and ranged covering from above. A few of the Order stopped when they saw us, but quite a lot rushed headlong into our ambush, only at the last moment realizing that there were a lot of defenders here (we had a full warband). Then seemingly on an unspoken command all Choppas rushed down and began chopping like madmen true Orcs. Anyone who think keeps are only a ranged fight have never witnessed a horde of angry Choppas running down into a tightly packed bunch of Order and spamming AoE."
- Wizards & Wenches

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am still playing. I'm predominantly playing Petroleum this week, and I'm doing 10x the amount of ORVR I did on Kipling (mostly because it just wasn't there in the very early days of the game). Each encounter with my fellow players and Destruction never fails to be different. When you find yourself laughing even though you're losing, you know it's a good game.

Monday, 23 March 2009

When Guildies Go AFK

My screenshot button has been acting up recently - every time I go to my folder, I have a bunch of random images, nothing like I expect. This snippet is pretty funny though.

[Backstory is that I was questing at the beginning of Elf Tier 3 with Drchainsaw, the alt of a favorite guildie of mine. We'd been at it a while, knocking off all the initial quests, so eventually we had to go AFK to get real life activities done. As you can see, he uh, left a trail of mobs for me to fight. How kind!]

Thursday, 19 March 2009

State of My Game

Well, I thought I had a screenshot to upload to break my silence, but alas: it seems to have disappeared. I've been quiet because I'm basically running through the same quests on Petroleum as I did on Kipling, which doesn't make for great excitement in blog content. But I'm enjoying playing a healer, and inched my Archmage into Tier 3 this week - with rank 20 came an absolutely fabulous and useful group heal (*stabs stick into ground repeatedly*), and with rank 21 came uh... nothing useful really! But it's nice to be a level higher!

Sitting on the cusp of Tier 2 and 3, I've been trying to decide whether I should concentrate on raising my renown rank another level or so, spend more time in the ORVR lakes (which I tried for the first time, and ended up with less than fun company) or fully explore the lush greens of Avelorn. Or perhaps all of it! The problem is that this month has proved to be busy in real life, so I'm not investing as much time ingame as I'd like.

PS Mythic: your character profiles seem to be broken at the moment.

PPS: good job on the realm mergers, more scenarios make everyone happy.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mortal Enemy

I won't mention this character's name, because I refuse to give him undue praise or hatred, but here Kipling lies in the Twisted Tower... having killed her goblin foe, the DoTs unexpectedly kill her moments afterwards. Blah.
After I wrote the last post, Codpeace reminded me that I had the recent State of the Game by Mark Jacobs in a tab on my browser. It contains a few things I'm excited about:
  • "The Ward system will be receiving an overhaul to make it more understandable and accessible.So many people have no idea how the Ward system works. Including me. Apparently you have to have a certain amount of wards to really be able to contribute to killing Kings, and complete certain instances. All this information should be in our tomes when we get set pieces of gear.
  • We are also looking at implementing a “Nemesis” system which tracks the top 20 enemy players that kill you and which will give you rewards for hunting them down. Thanks to the Dammaz Kron addon, I already have a mental list of the people I hate the most, so being rewarded outside of my own personal glee when I kill them, that's just fantastic!
  • We are looking at giving interesting and useful things to guilds who upgrade Keeps; defense improvements, guilds rewards, etc. & We have improved Rewards for Keep Defense in 1.2 and we will continue to improve Loot, XP and Renown for defending Keeps as well as giving loot rewards (gold bag) to guilds that successfully claim and defend Keeps through Zone Capture. More loot pleases this loot whore.
  • The City Raid experience that we currently have in the game will also get some additional work. Our primary goal is to add more RvR opportunities throughout the entire Raid. We are looking at a number of options and possibilities under consideration for more “RvR” and less “PQ action”. YES. Make it less boring, more organic, and I am a customer for life.
  • We will continue to experiment with, and improve, the Scenario experience. This includes adding new scenarios temporarily for events, adding new permanent scenarios, and continuing to refine the scenario play experience. w00t! The best part of the server transfers should be that scenarios pop more often. I enjoy scenarios just as much as the other parts of the game.
The thing I do not like:
  • Additionally, 1.2.1 also contains... the Combat and Careers team will give some extra loving to the Archmage, Shaman, White Lion, and Marauder Dude. When people are saying the Shadow Warrior is the least loved/buffed up character, maybe you could throw us a frickin' bone over here?
But one misery against many joys = excellent. I look forward to every patch in this game.

On Rally Calls

Patch 1.2 held many bountiful gifts, but the addition of the Rally Call button was a silent beast,. Like everyone else my boyfriend and I rolled a Slayer, and while we were questing, suddenly got issued a rally call. We clicked the blue button, and were transported (without a loading page, if I remember rightly) to the Tier 1 Dwarf warcamp, along with a handful of others, and ran straight into battle.

Awesome. But how it works is still confusing.

Here's what the patch notes say:
"We are introducing the new Rally Call system. At various intervals, players will be called to join the battle in the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 RvR lakes. A button will appear near the mini-map, enabling willing participants to jump right into the action.

Basically, when a Rally Call is issued, you get an on-screen notification and the blue button lights up. Push the button and you’re automatically teleported to the appropriate warcamp. The idea is that this should provide easier access to RvR for those who want it.

Everyone seems to be under the impression that this was something a warband leader could issue, so the requests for it to go off again kept flying in Warband chat. The reality SEEMS to be that when activity in the ORVR lakes hits a certain point, the game issues it independently. And it's not available in Tier 4. Why isn't there a rally call option for Tier 4, where it's just as useful? Tier 4 is huge in terms of levelling, and lower levels are still in the PvE areas.

One of the major flaws that Mythic keep repeating is that they give us great features... but we don't know how to use them! Thankfully, as soon as we tell them, they nearly always respond quickly. So I'm expecting this to be addressed on The Herald soon enough.


A quick side note: another thing I would like to see is a more efficient warning before subscriptions run out. This might be more critical of the EA-Mythic side of the game, but I don't like suddenly being informed that my subscription has ended. And even worse, getting an email a day or two after I've renewed telling me that my subscription is close to ending blah blah blah.

But I did resubscribe!

Friday, 6 March 2009

My First Pocket Item!!!

I have had the worst luck seeking out pocket items in the natural swing of the game - on my alt, I've "cheated" and looked for directions, but on Kipling, I wanted to keep her pure from such sneaky behaviour. I'm not going to give away any walkthroughs for this item, because it's fairly easy to get, but thank you thank you Mythic for continuing to include awesome fluff to pick up ingame. I was a bit mopey that there were no trophies from Bitter Rivals, but a pocket item? That fits my little interior story for my character? Even better!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

In which Kipling sees the Inevitable City

I spent 2pm until 10:30pm of yesterday playing WAR. Not for the Bitter Rivals Live Event (which is fun, I might write another post about this soon, but for now I'll say that the new scenario is, as another Monolith-er wrote "awesomely confusing"), but because Order were extremely busy locking down zones before besieging the Inevitable City.

Looks peaceful. Aaaah. However, for most of the time, the sands were strewn with broken corpses and towards the end of the zone lock out, groups of Order huddled tensely on BOs, waiting for the inevitable zerg o'Blades (which happened at 1 minute to lock out. They failed).

But I got my first ever gold bag from the south keep! And I got my Annihilator Maskhelm! Woohoo! (You can see the rest of my gear if you click on my name in the sidebar of this blog)

I also caught sight of Gorefang out there! Very brave of him to be out there at level 32, and I did wave. Unfortunately he fell to the ground shortly after and died a bloody death. I saw Codpeace, but I was dead and couldn't wave.

Hours later, we'd locked out Chaos Wastes and Black Crag, and it was time! Time to siege the city! And then the game failed. If you're in a warband, and your warband is in a full instance, you're forced to queue. What it took other players to tell me, was that you need to leave your warband, log out and log back in, rush the door and only then are you given the option to pick the PQ of your choosing. It's broken Mythic, fix that ASAP.

This was really the high point after we got to the city. I didn't think it was visually impressive (unlike Altdorf!), and I felt the pressure to join in the PQ rather than explore, in case of epic loot. I wanted epic loot. My name is Kipling, and I am a LOOT WHORE. The best I got was 10th place, and the green loot bag still sits in my bag because the green gear is not as awesome as it should be and I can't pick between the rest of the rewards. I'll probably choose the Apothecary item, because patch 1.2 broke the last two vials I had in my bank.

So at the moment, once the zones lock out, the game loses any kind of allure. The PQs are boring (repetitive, grindy, your chance at loot is low thanks to the distribution of abilities between characters) and the process of actually getting into cities is far from clear. And where's the option to just run riot through the streets? Next time I am going to forgo the loot, and explore the city properly, because the small chunk I saw was not as visually impressive as I would have liked!

But criticism aside: the process to get zones locked out is fantastic: exciting, rich with renown and if you want it to be, extremely satisfying when it comes to strategy and tactics. Will play again.