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Thursday, 19 February 2009

When Bloggers Meet on the Battlefield

Finally managed to meet Syncaine of Hardcore Casual on the battlefield - this evening was mostly spent running around Praag taking/defending keeps and BOs. I doubt he saw me, and I doubt I even got an arrow in his face before he got swamped by Order tanks, but it made me really happy to see another blogger out there. Destruction were pulling mighty feats and planting terror deep into my heart (damn Blades. Damn you to hell.) and it was a good night of pushing and pulling objectives.

In terms of levelling, I'm about 20% away from level 40 now. Thankfully I dinged renown level 37 last night, which might be as close as I get before the big 4 0, but I feel like I've put in as much as I could. Petroleum is not having a good time in Tier 2 - as someone pointed out, everyone is now rushing to Tier 4 to get in on the epic battles. Which isn't GOOD people. The lower tiers all contribute to the success of the uppers. Let's get Tiers 1-3 swinging on Monolith again.

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