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Saturday, 14 February 2009

What a way to go

My new computer arrived yesterday, so I threw myself into the one thing that had been previously awkward: ORVR. Destro were dominating most areas last night, thanks to (allegedly) 4 warbands rolling around together.

How I came to the screenshot above: I was following a group from the warcamp out into the lakes, just for shits and giggles, and we focused on taking a BO. With a Bright Wizard (!?) tanking, we got to the Hero when I saw a Destro player come from the corner of my screen. No problem I thought, we can cope.

Unfortunately, what followed her was more of a Braveheart moment, as this entire group rose over the hill like a tidal wave. "Fuck me!" might have crossed my lips in real life. We had less than zero chance of surviving. But what an epic fate to suffer. I love this game.


  1. That is classic, definitely a great way to go! :)
    Beats getting punted off a cliff just before your about to delivery the final blow :(

  2. That's a good story. One against dozens, that would make a good illustration :)