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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Monolith Blogger ShoutOut!

Following a few links today led me to realise that us lot on the Monolith server are developing our own little team, 2 on the Order side, 2 on the Destruction side:
  • He plays under a lot of names but Gorefang is how I remember him, playing for Destruction. His blog is now a congolomerate of characters that I forgot to add when he moved urls. I keep a special eye out for his face during scenarios, but he's only just moved into Tier 4, so no premeditated murder yet :(
  • Syncaine reports from the Destruction side on Hardcore Casual, and that name seems mighty familiar *squint menacingly* *remembers many deaths* -_-
All of these are great blogs and I'll be keeping up with them on a regular basis. Do you know of any other players writing about their experiences on Monolith? Let me know!

PS - my new computer shipped today, fingers crossed that it will arrive for the weekend.

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  1. Oho~ 4 more reasons to roll on Monolith.