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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Troll Country Exploration

Last night I finally got to game with my boyfriend, but instead of doing productive things like scenarios or quests, we went out in search of a few unlocks and to see what we could see in Troll Country. I'd spotted these Yetis a week ago, and wanted to kill some. So we did:

Close to the Destruction warcamp, we saw an AFKer. Aside from a band of RVR flagged Destro, this was the only other person we saw in the two hours it took to traverse the landscape.

Hung out in some water. I took all my clothes off to see if we got an unlock for skinny dipping. Alas: no. So back on they went.

You have encountered a Wareagle!

Take a look at this monstrosity, it had an eerie "trapped souls screaming" soundtrack emanating from it:

After this, we moved west into what came across as a very unfinished, barren landscape of trolls and icy caves:

I was a little disappointed, because I was hoping to find some history & lore unlocks, or something a little more random, but only came out with encounter/world/25 kill unlocks. And then we found Coldsnap, the champion that would provide the unlock for "It's a Snap!"...

...but only to the person with the killing blow. My boyfriend isn't as bothered (ie: he has a sane mind) about completing his tome. So you can guess who got the killing blow right? And he's a Rune Priest! Dammit! He has the best luck at the moment for drops and whatnot.

I'll be back Coldsnap! Don't you think I won't! And after blitzing through a quest cave (ie: mobs only, nothing interesting at the back) our journey had come to an end. This chap lies beside a large rock outside the cave to the south of Coldsnap:

Would have been nice to have an unlock telling his story, do you think he's a Slayer? And what's a Dwarf doing so far from home?


  1. I love just running around the countryside, and finding things. One time I found a title, Heritor of War. Don't remember offhand where. It's in my blog if you want to check it out.

    Ok I was really lost when I found it, but I still enjoy roaming around lol.

  2. Awesome, thank you! I made a mental note. I quite like your blog, I had it in my bookmarks to add, thus: you're now in my RSS feeds.

  3. The dead dwarf with the axe is actually part of a quest if I recall correctly, for destruction only I think. Is this dead dwarf on the northeastern side of High Pass, through the ice caves and near a bunch of High Elf towers/NPCs under assault by chaos? If so, it's the one I'm thinking of, and you'll have to roll destruction to get the low-down.