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Saturday, 31 January 2009

My Wishlist

Inevitably nearly everyone is going to have their own personal wishlist for Warhammer - it's a young game, and is far from perfect, especially thanks to the powers that be rushing the Beta stage. Instead of talking at my boyfriend, I decided to write down some ideas I had:
  • Let players duel each other in a designated area of the city - I am not a duelling person, I don't think I ever took part in one in my 2 years of WoW but while in game or reading blogs you'll hear a low whine of people who miss that feature. Duelling your friends is a great way of fine tuning your reaction times and skills without a penalty. And every time I'm near the War Quarter, I see that massive expanse of NPCs fighting each other and wonder - why can't that be enacted for real players? Or at least contain a portal to mini-instances for two people? By itself, it's an unused, wasted piece of the city and dammit, I don't like that.
  • Come out with a low-spec version of the game - another "if Blizzard can do this, why can't Mythic?" wish. My laptop is very very low spec but somehow makes it possible to play the game. If there was a way of turning off even more of the graphics, Mythic would be opening up the potential userbase even further. And more players = more money.
  • Hotkey for zooming in and out - every once in a while I'll get lazy and take my laptop to bed to do some crafting, or maybe a scenario, but with no mouse scrollwheel, it makes playing awkward. I went into the hotkey section to discover there was no keyboard button that controls the camera zoom function. Am I blind or is this silly?
  • Improve the ORVR notification system - when I log in I want to know if I'm missing anything in the other zones, where the warband and fighting is, and how many Order are in the ORVR lakes. Kill markers on the map and messages to tell me when something has already happened feels like too little too late. I want to see a swarm of action and dive in headfirst, not type /1 and hope someone out there will update me.
  • OPEN THE OTHER CITIES GOD DAMN YOU - come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come onnnnnnnn what are we waiting for here? I am dying to see the Elf city, learn my racial lore, do quests. The Phoenix King should not be holed up in Karl Franz's bloody office! If absolutely necessary, send me in and I'll find all the bugs to help the developers stablise it. I'm pretty good at breaking the game.
  • If you're going to make things easier, make it optional - I love Syp but his constant requests for easier XP gain and tome unlocks are frustrating. Yes, levelling after 20 takes time and effort, and yes it's hard to find tome unlocks but that's the game. I don't want to have someone hold my hand and lead me through the game, it ruins the thrill of seeing my hard work pay off. I can't do much about the XP change, but if you're going to change tome unlocks easier, I want to be able to turn it off so it's not readily accessible.
  • Renown sellers = le suck - I'm getting tired of having to click on every renown gear seller in Altdorf because I can't remember which one has the latest gear for me. Giving them titles (ie: Apprentice -> Artisan) would help. A lot.
  • Customised mounts - OK, so we can't have faster mounts, but could we customise them? Saddles, bridles, trophy slots? Can I have a pink pony? Please? Perhaps this could be accessible at renown level 80? :D And while we're here, non combat pets? Pleeeeeeease?
  • NERF WITCH ELVES - because they make me cry in scenarios. Odogg and the infamous Blades (now renown level 77! Aargh!), I'm looking at both of you. Odogg in particular seems to hate me, I wonder if she's a stolen relative of Kipling...
So not really huge complaints. I'm excited that Live Events have become a consistent part of the game, that gold selling isn't an issue, that people are organised and motivated to play as a team and that bitching is still a dull murmur in the hum of people getting on with their own shit. I can almost guarantee that I'll be subscribing until the end of 2009 if the devs keep the customer service & patches up to scratch. It's a great feeling to be this positive about a game and yet not be addicted. Hooray!


  1. Aww, I'm frustrating? Just a couple notes in response:

    1. I don't want to be held by the hand either -- I just want incentive and direction with the Tome unlocks. It's my personal experience that having someone say "do X and you'll get Y" works as a better motivator for me than "do X or C or maybe J, who knows, and you'll get... something". If so many people have to go out of the game to get a list of directions of what these unlocks even are, then they've failed on some level to keep us in game (as was the stated intent with the Tome). And every time I've talked about wanting to see an unhidden list of Tome unlocks, it was with the qualifier that it would be an optional toggle so as to keep the original system intact.

    2. I certainly wasn't alone in saying that the upper 20's was far too slow in terms of XP gathered, and Mythic must've seen enough people complain and/or enough data on it to speed up the curve in that region.

    Great list -- especially mount options!

  2. Only frustrating on that issue I promise! I can see your point re: people having to go out of game and that being a failure of the game, but one of my main issues with people who complain about WAR is that they just don't seem to be playing the game to it's full capacity. People seem to need to be told what to do, rather than take their own initiative to go roaming the landscape, jump over to the opposing race's area and see what they can see. If you explore and kill things rather than sticking to the path provided and avoid mobs, you unlock a massive amount of the tome.

    I seem to remember you or someone else mentioning that it would be fun if you could access your tome online. Maybe also if you could share your tome with your guild/group mates? Or even if it was a downloadable PDF?

    I just don't want it to be made so that, like in WoW, someone can blitz through it in 24 hours and "complete" the game. It should be a work in progress!

    re: XP and levelling, just for clarification, I am finding it really really tough, and have since level 27 or so. But this forced me out into the rest of the game, so I consider it a good thing.

    Maybe I'm just a masochist... :-/

  3. Whoops:

    "people who complain about WAR"

    Not that I mean complaining is the same as anything I've read on the blogs. Knee jerk term for all those who just went "BLAH TOO HARD AND BORING" and quit in the first month.

  4. I vouch for #2. I also play on an extremely low-spec laptop that may or may not run WAR depending on the time of day, climate and what I had for dinner.

    The fact they want people to go out and wreak havoc in large-scale battles is reason enough for a low-spec mode.