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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Monolith Population Stats

Mythic released some figures about my realm in a recent post on the Herald. I knew we were being steamrolled, but chalked it up to us being a bit crap and being slower to level than Destruction. But no:
Active Accounts Per Faction: 44% / 56%
Relative Average Exp. Earning Rate per Time Unit: 50% / 50%
Relative Average RP Earning Rate per Time Unit: 50% / 50%
Average Exp. Per Character: 51% / 49%
Average RP Per Character: 51% / 49%
There are 12% more Destruction players on Monolith. TWELVE PERCENT. And we're actually earning more XP and renown than they are? Wow! In the face of such difference, the fact that we've been able to organise and blitz an area is amazing! Well done everyone. Order are kicking ass on Monolith and everyone should get a cookie.

They also said:
"We do realize that numbers alone do not always equate to the very real perception players experience when waging war in open RvR. There are many different variables that can play into what you actually experience, including the time of day/night, the organization and cohesiveness of the group, and player skill. As developers, we also realize that it’s simply not possible to control these aspects, and there are times when one side is inevitably outnumbered on the battlefield."
I guess the only thing the devs can do, without completely meddling with the game and thus give certain players an advantage over others, is to push for server transfers for one faction side only. There were the exact same arguments in World of Warcraft, so it's not a unique problem, and I am glad to see Mythic addressing them, sharing information with us and helping us all overcome the frustrations we face instead of branding us a bunch of crybabies and return to counting their piles of money.

Now that's customer service, and that's why I'll keep playing. Fluffy bunny non-combat pets would help too.

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