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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Can't Keep Control

Spent the last handful of hours trying to exert some influence over the Order/Destruction Dragonwake bar. Talking to a guildie while I was knocking off some awkward quests opened my eyes to the fact that not many players seem to realise that it's not just oRVR that determines the area control. And to be fair, I didn't realise this myself until a few weeks ago. Swivel thy eyes to the image on the right.

So oRVR obviously has the biggest influence over which way the colours go, but if Destruction have 20 players running around completing their quests and Order only have 2, it's not much help either. I might have been imagining this but I swear I saw the Order bar go up a notch when I completed a quest today! It shows that every player in this game matters, even if they never get a single point on their renown bar. Instead of standing around at the warcamp waiting for scenarios to pop, it might make more sense to go finish any leftover quests you have lying around (in return for this, I will lobby for non-combat pets in the near future).

(And even now, reading the bottom part of the text properly, it sinks into my brain that BOs = a boost to your renown. Want more renown in scenarios? Make sure you grab a BO first! One of the major flaws in playing WAR is that half of us are just not reading the content properly. It's a fantastically designed MMO if you're conscious.)

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  1. There's alot of things going on beneath the hood of this game, if we as players just read, and pay more attention instead of waiting to be spoon fed our info. The better off we'll all be.