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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Patch 1.1

Patch 1.1 rolls out soon, and you can find the full patch notes here. There are many many things I am looking forward to, including:

  • Chat linking - not being able to was a major barrier in discussions about gear and where to find it. Some guildies and I stumbled on a level 35 set of accessories, and while we did have it in our tome, it was hindering discussion with the rest of the guild as to why we were so excited. Aside from that, they've added a right click menu to people's names, so it's easier to say "STFU /IGNORE" in scenarios as well as invite them to group.
  • We have added an additional item to the following armor sets: Redeye, Devastator, and Keeper. Not sure how fast I am going to level out of the Devastator gear, but I'm definitely going to have a look at that.
  • The drop rate for Gold Bags has been increased in almost every PQ in the game. Because I have yet to see one.
  • Open RVR influence Open RVR is the best part of the game hands down, nothing compared to the day they released the "Kill 15 enemy players in open RVR" Heavy Metal event live quest, and everyone charged to the battle fields. I am unspeakably excited at the prospect of being able to slaughter Destro every day outside of a 15 minute time limit.
  • Player Statues OMG OMG way to appeal to the RVR overachievers among us. I've been checking out the statues in the War Quarter (by the steam tank PQ) and I'm wondering if they're going to be upgraded in any way, and how that's going to work.
  • A Pale Eye Burglar that has been spotted skulking around the docks in Altdorf has been persuaded to move along. & Banker Lutz near the Mastiff’s End in Altdorf has found his courage and will no longer duck and hide behind the bank counter. just make me laugh. Banker Lutz was more than a little annoying, and we were all convinced he was sleeping on the job. Also: Peasants near the Bright Wizard College in Altdorf have given up trying to keep their clothes free from soot and ash. Their clothes now reflect the atmosphere and danger of living close to the Bright Wizard College. is a nice update that like the other two, tweaks the world to be more realistic. I hope NPC patterns/clothing changes a little in the future to make the city seem less stagnant.
  • The mysterious barrels found in the capital cities will now reward those who are adventurous enough to open them, but be careful! Some of the barrels are potentially dangerous! Being one of the foolish that explored Altdorf at level 10 and managed to find more than one mob that would one shot me, now I'm an appropriate level, I hope the rewards suit me!
  • Improved and diversified the appearance of many cloaks throughout the game. I'm one of those players that started dying her gear from the second I could afford the 20s for Warlock Purple dye. I have some lovely dyes saved up for level 40 thanks to Apothecary/Cultivation. Because most people get the same kind of gear, we all look the same. Looking the same when we have the option to not look the same is silly. Dye your armor!
  • While exploring Altdorf and the Inevitable City, players might discover new citizens who have some interesting lore to share. Woohoo, more unlocks! I love unlocks.
  • Fun new “chicken run” quests have been added to the Tier 3 Greenskin and High Elf warcamps. These quests send players back to Tier 1 open RvR areas for an update on the progress of the war. If you haven't gone into a lower level RvR area and become a chicken, running the whole zone clucking like a nutjob and hoping the other side doesn't find you... you're missing out. It's hilarious.
  • Added the functionality for chat tabs to blink when they receive new messages. Still tweaking my chat tab set up. Still not perfect. This will help.
No doubt a lot of people will also be happy with the fact that Keep Contribution has been fixed - having a large part of the game broken and loot distributed wrong never makes anyone happy. Having discussions with other people about Keep Sieging in general, I think Mythic have a fair bit of work ahead of them to make it completely fair (eg: people shouldn't be eligible to continually get gold bags if other people need the gear more), but that's fine. We're only on Patch 1.1 - we have lots of time.

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