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Sunday, 7 December 2008

On Tier 4 RVR

On Friday night Kipling dinged level 30/renown level 25, which was the line in the sand for me to move onto Tier 4. No offence to the residents of Avelorn and Saphery, but things were just worn out. I know that going back to do Tier 3 scenarios is a possibility, but now it's a little too easy, I'm interested in new challenges, new landscapes and apparently also getting my face ground into unidentifiable meat by level 40 Destruction players. The only scenario I've seen at the moment is Serpent's Passage [video] and apparently that's the only one that pops at the moment, and while I wasn't watching myself die and die and die again or renegotiating with myself for one more round of Tor Anroc, I was admiring the landscape. Shipwrecks and sand and jagged rocks? Yes please! It's a shame there's no cutscene at the end with the winner sailing off leaving the other group to starve and die on the island.

The other thing I like about RVR, is that there are multiple scenario choices. People might not always play every single one (eg: Black Fire Basin was abandoned by everyone on the Order/Monolith side because Destruction would refuse to participate aside from sitting on their flag and waiting for us to attack, oh how I hate them), but when more people reach a tier, there's a greater chance of different scenarios popping. After the last patch, I rolled a Knight of the Blazing Sun, and got to see the other two Tier 1 scenarios for the first time, which was cool, although Khaine's Embrace is very creepy to say the least.

So, should I log on today, look for the dead green&purple Shadow Warrior in the sands of Serpent's Passage. I'm having fun, even when they're stabbing me in the face from 16 different angles, honest!

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