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Saturday, 6 December 2008

On the Tech Side

Here are my laptop specs:

RAM: 2.37GB (bumped from 512MB)
Processor: 1.79 GHz
Graphics card: ATI Radeon Xpress 1150

Yes. I know. Warhammer Online is not supposed to run on a system like this. But it does. I made it work... somehow... and this is why I refer to this machine as the "Ghetto Laptop that Could". If you don't think your machine specs are high enough and you have a better rig than this, try installing it - borrow a friend to input their login details to patch you up and see what happens. All I had to do was bump my RAM up (I paid around £20 for 2GBs of RAM from play.com) and turn down all the graphic settings in order for it to be playable (and this doesn't bother me, I don't play games for the shiny graphics).

Let's also throw into the pot that I am not living in North America at the moment. I am playing from the southwest of England - because I am emigrating soon and I wanted to play the game with my boyfriend, he bought me a US copy and a time card. Unlike World of Warcraft, there are zero issues connecting to the servers which (I think) are located in Maryland. I can't comment on the EU servers, because I've obviously not used them, but if you want to play Warhammer Online with your American/Canadian friends and don't live there, it's do-able, especially thanks to internet shopping. It can't be that hard to buy the necessaries on eBay.

(side note in regards to server locations: I do wonder if they're bouncing me off a server located in the EU based on me getting GMT+1 when I type /time but I've not investigated this further)

In conclusion: yes, I do suffer lag, but so does everyone else. It's improving as they hotfix and patch the game - Altdorf used to be a nightmare until 1.0.6. Yes, I do get those annoying CrashToDesktop issues (which I really need to write a separate post about), but so does everyone else - talking to people that I know have infinitely superior systems to me, multiple core processors, they still suffer. I don't know what Mythic are doing about that, I hope they're taking that seriously. I applaud them for everything else, because the game does work for me and hope the CTD issue is resolved in the future.

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