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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Keg's End

Live events bring out the worst OCD traits in me. If there's something I want, I have to keep grinding away until I have it. Even if I pass out. Today, I achieved my Keg's End goal, and picked up the awesome awesome beer mug trophy. The best part is that the way it positions on my shoulders, it looks like it's hooked onto my bow:

In order to get to the second notch on the INF bar, you need to do every quest to completion except the "drink 100 Dwarf Beer Kegs" and "Massive Ogres Tyrants Slain" ones, and even then, you still need to do part of them - I have 63/100 kegs drank, and 3/20 Ogres killed. It's a maddening crawl, I was convinced at some points that I'd never get there.

Here's how I look at the moment, I'm running with the green/purple theme. Dying your gear purple is really big on Monolith right now, even though red dye seems the most scarce.

Look at that guy's beard. Fantastic.

While most of the Keg's End quests are quite grindy, it doesn't lessen the fun. The best part of this Live Event? All the explosions. World of Warcraft gave us fireworks, but compared to WAR, they are damp squibs. These suckers go up in the air, and are varied and creative - there's probably a set number of designs, but even the Common Fireworks vary in colours. And firework drops aside, the Explosive Snotlings are made of win - not only exploding when you're finished killing them, but spontaneously exploding when they... just get tired... or something. Anyway. Explosions. Yay!

It's hard to get a screenshot of the fireworks by the way. Still working on that.

So now I have to kill Ogre Tyrants if I want the final reward. Ho hum. Not sure whether I want it or not - it's not permanent, and it's a pain in the ass to corral other people into a group to go hunting around the RVR areas for mobs.

Also, Monolith's Destro has been running riot through the RVR zones, blitzing all the Objectives and locking out everything. Bless their hearts. We're expecting them to hit Altdorf in the next few weeks, and I hope Deathclaw obliterates their faces for taking away my scenarios. I can't really participate in defence because the lag inside keeps and in large groups renders the game unplayable, and I get killed almost instantly anyway. To Order's credit, we did get a bit of the old to-and-fro battle going on outside Dragonwake's warcamp last night which lasted an hour or so, so I do have some Tier 4 INF built up, but nowhere near even halfway to the first epic piece.

[PS - congratulations to Grirmind for being the lucky jammer that got the Tier 4 epic drop!]


  1. You've ruined me. Before, I didnt care. Now I MUST have that beer mug! AHH!!

    Curse you, Natali!

  2. P.S. My character has been purple since the day I could afford dyes. Sadly now, I am no longer the only purple Rune Priest / Swordmaster on Dark Crag.

    I miss being the only purple!

  3. Bahahah! The mug is so awesome, I imagine that Kipling would drink orange soda from it. Next year I want a hip flask.

    I miss being the only purple too :(

  4. Oh, and by the way... How was the grind for the mug? Surely I'm coming up on completing most of the objectives (aside from 100 kegs and however many of the hero ogres) and I don't even have the first reward!!

    Did you buy kegs, or what?

  5. I didn't buy anything, but I did spend a good few hours hanging out at the area on the border of Dragonwake/Eataine just grinding the mobs over and over with scenarios to break it up.