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Friday, 12 December 2008

Isle of the Dead

I was about ready to go to bed tonight when I saw a portal in an area of Tier 4 where there were lots of level 40s. Encourages by guildies, I ran as fast/smart as I could and managed to get through - and discovered the Isle of the Dead. Creepiest place in the Warhammer world, beautiful landscape, a purple vortex thrust straight through the centrer, the bones of ruined buildings sticking up through sand like ribs, twisted mobs, tormented spirits, the ghosts of Shadow Warriors staring out to a desolate sea.

Unfortunately, none of my screenshots worked*.


*Screenshot keybinds were reset with patch 1.1a


  1. IotD has some great PQs, but be warned, the 38+ screamers there are deadly for anyone below 36 or so. I started the quests there at 33 and it is the only zone I was unable to easily complete as a lower level.

  2. I did go there yesterday and after dying twice... yeh. Not so good. The funny thing is that the left side is pretty easy to navigate, I ran around and discovered things for a good hour. The right side (for Order anyway) is hellish.