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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Holiday Week

The holiday week lends to extra casual playing because it's so quiet, so instead of trying to batter through the stagnant Tier 4 Elf zone, I've been playing Icepick, my Knight of the Blazing Sun.

Any game is fun when you're playing a class that just will not die (Knights can take on equal level Champions and win, no wonder Order have been battered in Scenarios from launch day) but I like the Empire storyline a lot - Tier 1 focuses on the Norse invasion, and now Tier 2 is about plague and sickness and um, trolls. I also caught sight of Yetis in the distance, but at level 21 I think I'll have a go at them a little later.

I've also come across a lot of unlocks, more so than in the Elf tier (although it could be that I wasn't familiar with the game enough/too squishy to look properly) - 2 coming from bestiary items, and one from walking into a spider cave.* When I ding 40 with Kipling, or finally lose my patience with Tier 4, I'm going to run her through all zones and have a solid day of exploring the world, and I value finding unlocks and items organically, rather than relying on Google.

Not much else to report: I've barely touched Tier 2 scenarios so my renown is falling by the wayside and that's on my to-do list in the near future. And scavenging is working out to be a nice little money spinner - it's sole purpose is to funnel resources to Kipling for cultivating/apothecary, but until the right level drops come along, I will stack that gold pile high.

*Sidenote: what is it with Warhammer and spider caves? They're everywhere!

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